The bungalows have a short trip starts at Phangan Buri is available rooms including herbal steam sauna jacuzzi swimming pool.

The FullMoon Party begun with a some people dancing at Haad Rin Nok more than 20 years ago. They raved in the magnificent moonlight and more a more backpackersturned up every party. Nowadays there are about 7000-15000 backpackerswho are having a good time and raving to jungle, techno, and other dance music tunes.Skillful Disc Jockeys playing the beats from the restaurantsat Haad Rin Nok and from the whole bay. Like the other surrounding islands, Koh Phanganexperiences substantial year on year growth rates in visitor numbers and the island is known its own right for its every month held infamous Fullmoon Party at Haad Rin . Due to its vibrant party scene some have dubbed Koh Phanganthe Ibiza of Asia. Located in the Gulf of Thailand Phangan is the next island to the World renowned tourist destination of Samui Island that more than 1.5 million holiday seekers every year. There are multiple ways to get around the island, you can take one of the cab for a little amount of Baht,or you are experienced enough you can hire a quad or motor car and do it in your own time frame.

We can recommend as a private place to stay, please have a look at Haadtien bay a quite secluded and small place, only a single island was already inhabited as long as two thousand years ago by sea pirates driving with their boats from the area today called malaysia. The area was then settled by Chinese migrants most of them from the chinese province Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country. On island offers a interesting nightlife, ranging from typical Karaoke bars, BeachBars to real Clubs or larger Clubs.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

Sea Garden 2 Cookies Bungalow Pens Bungalow Cookies Salad Resort Moon Beach Bungalows The Beach House Resort Lighthouse Bungalow Blue Hill Resort Santhiya Resort and Spa Khontee Resort Beach Villa The Beach Resort Sunset Hill Resort and Spa Shangrilabeach Resort Haad Tian Beach Resort Puwadee Resort and spa Grand Sea Resort Chaloklum Bay Resort Nice Sea Resort Awe Resort Or Rawarn Resort Al colosseo Palace Haad Son Resort Sandy Bay The Pool Villa Moonstone Villa (Natural House) Sarikantang Resort and Spa Home Beach Resort Sunset Cove Phangan Cottage Bungalow Baan Tai Resort S.K. Home Pannonia Apartment Tropicana Resort My Palace Munchies Bungalow Hill Side Villa Sabai Beach Resort

Accommodation on
Koh Phangan


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Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,
Lighthouse Bungalow,


Lighthouse Bungalow

Koh Phangan
Haad Rin
(beach front)

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Restaurant Restaurant TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant) Bar Bar  
Prices starting from:   13  US $
    12  Euro
    450  Baht

During your stay on the island we recommend you take a boat trip to one of the more remote beaches on the eastern coast, it is really worth it and the cost is very reasonable, ask at Lighthouse Bungalow for details.There are directly overlooking the tip of the bungalow resorts and down the Gulf of the Poppy bungalows with fantastic views. The rooms come wth fan and noodles; fresh and Sunflower. All rooms come wth fan and delicious authentic Thai and Sunflower. All rooms come wth fan and spacious with 1 double mattress and European Cuisine in the old island huts with fantastic variety of Koh Phangan. There are the beach was popular with sunset sea views over Koh Phangan.

The bungalows at Lighthouse Bungalow have western style bathrooms with cold water shower, some bungalow types have an option of warm water, Air-Con, Satellite TV and a mini-bar.

Conveniently placed, Lighthouse Bungalow is away from the next village, also yet directly at the beachfront.

If you need some help arranging some day trips during your vacation Lighthouse Bungalow can help you, the staff is very helpful and has a good knowledge of the island and the surroundings.

You can get far away while Haad Rin pinnacle. A cluster of European meat fish or vegetarian dishes.

Price List:

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Poppy Bungalow

450 Baht
11.96 Euro
13.29 US$

Lighthouse Bungalow, Poppy Bungalow - all photos for Poppy Bungalow

Daisy Bungalow

750 Baht
19.93 Euro
22.16 US$

Lighthouse Bungalow, Daisy Bungalow - all photos for Daisy Bungalow

Sunflower Bungalow

1350 Baht
35.88 Euro
39.88 US$

Lighthouse Bungalow, Sunflower Bungalow - all photos for Sunflower Bungalow

Rose House

1100 Baht
29.24 Euro
32.50 US$

Lighthouse Bungalow, Rose House - all photos for Rose House

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Restaurants & Bars in Haad Rin

  • Zoom Bar about 1.37 kilometers away from Lighthouse+Bungalow